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La Fornace is a small family-run company of about 7 hectares, 2 of which are olive groves and 5 are registered in Brunello di Montalcino; the age of the vines are between 6 years and 38 years, the land is located on the north-eastern slope of the Montalcino hill at a height of about 400 meters and the land is composed of sandy shores with clay.
La Fornace has this particular name because in 1490, it was born as a brick kiln.
A small presentation of the Giannetti Family: his grandfather Giuseppe bought the Fornace in 1964 after a life as a sharecropper of the church and many sacrifices. At the beginning there were only 2 ha with a small ½ ha vineyard. Grandfather Giuseppe came from generations of farmers and producers of wine and oil, but as happened at that time the small producers did not bottle their own wine but sold it to the larger cellars. In 1975, Father Franco and mother Germana had the opportunity to buy other land near where they planted other vineyards, but only in 1987 with Rosso di Montalcino and in 1988 with Brunello di Montalcino they started bottling. Parties with 1000 bottles of wine per type, today the production is about 18,000 bottles in the best years even if the company could produce about 30000 bottles, prefer to look for the maximum quality without compromise. In 1998 the company passed to his son Fabio. La Fornace follows the rules of nature for its products trying to limit as much as possible any external and polluting agent and to respect the natural course of the seasons and of the passing time, so all the most important works for the production of wine are made from the expert hands of our family.

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Vino Veritas snc di Bigliardi Simone e Giordani Fabio
Vino Veritas snc di Bigliardi Simone e Giordani Fabio
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