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Thanks to the ancient agricultural philosophy inherited from Mario Pezzi and lived in the constant, correct balance between past and recent techniques, coexist in steel tanks, concrete, barriques and tonnaux of classic work bordolese and the large Slavonian oak barrels so popular with Sangiovese. Located at an average altitude, on the first step of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines overlooking the Adriatic Sea, it is assisted by a congenial microclimate, by the love that the Pezzi family has always nourished for the vine in particular (as well as Sangiovese) for Barbarossa , the company's flagship, the Pagadebit and the Cagnina, vines of which all traces were lost and which were returned to the regional heritage (1960) and which subsequently obtained the DOC the Vigna delle Lepri. Another record in the early '70s, the creation of Sangiovese Vigna delle Lepri, the first pure reserve of Sangiovese in purity, officially consecrated the longevity of this wine with the Manifestation titled by the national press "The Easter of Sangiovese" in which five thousand bottles "Delle Lepri" stowed in a nevaia of the villa in the summer of '79 returned to light and to the pleasure of the table on June 9th 1985.

Vinification only of own grapes, 155,000 bottles produced of which 75,000 "Cru" and 80,000 "Classici", the choice of woods in Fontainebleau forest and assembled in Italy, French and American oaks aged at least 5 years to air. Every year we invest in land and in new technologies, we win for 4 generations with our idea of ​​wine, for over 30 years joined by great winemakers like Giacomo Tachis, Roberto Cipresso and Carlo Ferrini. Furthermore, all the production is internal, from the cultivation of grapes until bottling.

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Vino Veritas snc di Bigliardi Simone e Giordani Fabio
Vino Veritas snc di Bigliardi Simone e Giordani Fabio
Via Don Pasquino Borghi, 12 - 42017 Novellara Reggio Nell'Emilia ITALIA
p.i. 02660520350

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