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Guyana is one of the last unspoiled countries, almost completely covered by the Amazon rainforest.
The Demerara Distillers near the capital Georgetown is the only distillery in the country and produces the El Dorado brand and is also the origin of many excellent rum selections. The history of the distillery has its roots in the history of the country: after the closure of eight of the last nine distilleries in Guyana after the Second World War, it is the only one left operational and now houses the stills from the other locks. The decision to keep the stills was very farsighted by the legendary 'Chairman' Yesu Persaud, now 86 years old, in order to continue to produce these different traditions of the tradition. El Dorado today is a blend of different stills and therefore is the blend of these typicalities.
The village is crossed by the Rio Demerara, on whose banks the homonymous variety of sugar cane is cultivated, excellent for the production of Demerara sugar and rum. The molasses are clearly owned and are also sold in much of the Caribbean. Demerara Distillers produces its own yeasts for fermentation. Today at the Diamond, this is the name of the distillery, there are 13 stills, including 3 double columns coffey still 'Tricanada', 2 modern multiple columns of Indian technology, 2 stills, 1 wooden double pot still (the famous Port Mourant) , 1 wooden single pot (Versailles), 1 wooden coffey column (Enmore), 1 copper alder of Wedderburn style, 1 traditional copper alembic, 1 small gin still batch. With each of these stills the Demerara Distillers produces one or more rums, called 'marks'. The stock of barrels, one of the most important in the world with about 100,000 units, hosts many different rums and some very old ones, recognizable by the acronyms, or 'marks', brushed on the barrel itself. The different labels of El Dorado correspond to different blends of these 'marks' rums. This means that they are not all the same rums of different ages, but rather they are different combinations.
Demerara means great quality and great diversity. It is not just a style of its own, but of a unique identity within which great diversity coexist, which together give the unique versatility to El Dorado.

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