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The Di Prisco Winery was founded back in 1994 when, following a tradition handed down over the years in small Irpinia countries, that of wine production, Pasqualino Di Prisco decided to transform his passion into the work of a lifetime.

It all starts by grafting a small vineyard of 2ha, initially dedicated to Trebbiano, to Fiano di Avellino. In those years we could see the particular inclination of the territories of Irpinia to the production of wines that would surely have had a voice in the great debates with the wines of northern Italy, which already boasted a centuries-old history.

But you know, nothing makes a sensation like reds. In fact, with the whites, in fact, the company starts the production of Taurasi and Aglianico, for which Pasqualino has an evident weakness. "We love young women and drink aged wines", this is why the need arises to let the wines rest to bring out the best that is in them. And so, taking up a mid-nineteenth century building, previously used by his father for the conservation of wine, Pasqualino makes the leap in quality giving a well-deserved home and doing justice to the Taurasi it produces.

Today the company today can count on 13ha of white and red vineyards, of which we distinguish the various types of products such as Greco Di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, Coda di Volpe and the aforementioned Taurasi and Aglianico.

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Vino Veritas snc di Bigliardi Simone e Giordani Fabio
Vino Veritas snc di Bigliardi Simone e Giordani Fabio
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