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The modern state-of-the-art Roccanivo distillery owned by the Berta family at Casalotto di Mombaruzzo opened in the grape harvest of 2002, a historic vintage for this family/business and for the economic development of the Asti wine sector. Other important dates for the company/family are 1947 (construction of the first distillery in Nizza Monferrato), the 1930’s (opening of a Berta pharmacy in Milan), and July 11, 1866 (Francesco Berta’s birth in Casalotto di Mombaruzzo). In 2002, on the eve of the harvest, the moment when the Berta family’s address took back the place-name of Roccanivo (Casalotto di Mombaruzzo). A large structure, that decided to expand further, built with a careful sense of ist relation to the vine hills, where it peacefully sits, with a façade of a simple house, displaying the family name on the frieze. It is a house belonging as much to grappa as to the Berta family, open and comfortable, decorated with the coats of arms of all the surrounding regions, where wine is produced with artisanal mastery and stateof- the-art electronic systems. In a warm and cozy atmosphere, the steam-powered stills work slowly and rigorously, to transform the damp and aromatic grape pomace into something strong, but at the same time soft and subtle. Visitors are sheltered by an antique wooden roof and breathtaking, striking views of the hilly landscape. The Berta Distilleries have become not only an obligatory stop on any itinerary dedicated to food and wine lovers flocking to these hills, but also continue to be the destination for so many friends from the world of entertainment and sports, artists, elite restaurateurs, and the great Italian winemaking families; all brought together by ‘that unmistakable aroma of freshly pressed grapes’.

Vino Veritas snc di Bigliardi Simone e Giordani Fabio
Vino Veritas snc di Bigliardi Simone e Giordani Fabio
Via Don Pasquino Borghi, 12 - 42017 Novellara Reggio Nell'Emilia ITALIA

TEL: 0039 3663438915
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