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The Valtellina is a magnificent succession of terraced vineyards on the southern side of the Rhaetian Alps: it is a striking and unique landscape that stretches for 40 km, up to an altitude of 800 m above sea level. On the slopes that look to the South, the vine thrives thanks to a privileged climate. The Alps protect the vine from the cold winds of the North and from the humid and warm ones of the South. The microclimate of the valley favors the pollination of the summer, accompanies the constant summer and autumn maturation, preserving the grapes from diseases. The strong mountain sun allows to obtain excellent levels of ripening of the grapes. The center of this prestigious viticulture is Chiuro, here are the Balgera Cellars, which are located in the ancient home of the noble Quadrio. The patriot Maurizio Quadrio, a statesman, politician and lieutenant of Giuseppe Mazzini, lived in Chiuro, where the Balgera Cellars have been operating since 1885. The founder of the company was the great-great-grandfather Pietro, who already in the nineteenth century traded Valtellina wines in neighboring Switzerland . Leo Balgera, who continued his production and export, succeeded him. His son Gianfranco built new cellars, evolving and improving the techniques of production, aging and bottling. Today the son continues his activity, oenologist Paolo Balgera. He works in the name of tradition, of the ancient "know how to make wine", in the continuous improvement of winemaking techniques, in the modernization of winery facilities, even reaching to raise some wines in barriques. Responding to the continuous needs of the market, the range of wines has gradually expanded into various qualities and diversified in taste and fragrance. With great structure, of exquisite aromatic fragrance. From generation to generation, even the sons Luca and Matteo manifest an innate passion for wine, as a sign of the family tradition they will be testimonials of the ancient Balgera winery in the new millennium.

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Vino Veritas snc di Bigliardi Simone e Giordani Fabio
Vino Veritas snc di Bigliardi Simone e Giordani Fabio
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